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How to Store Vinyl Records the Proper Way
How to Store Vinyl Records

If you’re getting into vinyl or have been collecting for years, you need to know how to store them for safe keeping.

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How Vinyl Records Are Made
The Process of Making Vinyl Records

Understand the process of making vinyl records from recording the master to packaging to be shipped.

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Collecting Vinyl Record Tips

Maintaining a vinyl record collection requires extensive commitment and care. That’s why we’ve compiled this collection of vinyl collecting tips to keep your records pristine. From storage ideas to cleaning tips, Binaural Beats has all the tips you need to listen to high-quality vinyl for years to come. We even dive into vinyl history to discuss how and why vinyl became what we know it as today.

Care tips for vinyl records mean nothing if you don’t have vinyl records to listen to in the first place. Our vinyl record shop boasts classics and hidden gems across genres to boost your collection. Plus, if you need extra tools to keep your vinyl in top condition, check out our collection of vinyl record accessories.