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Counting Down the 50 Best Songs of the 1980s

The 80s introduced MTV, synthesizers into pop music and hip-hop into the mainstream.

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Ramones Albums Ranked from Worst to Best
Ramones Albums, Ranked from Worst to Best

Ranking the 14 studio albums that the Ramones released during their 22-year career.

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The Top Outdoor Music Concert Venues in the US
Top 25 Outdoor Music Venues in the US

Hit the road with our list of the 25 best outdoor music venues and amphitheaters across America.

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top 1970s greatest hits songs
Counting Down the 50 Best Songs of the 1970s

From Glam Rock to Disco, the 70s era was a cornerstone for musical subcultures.

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Album Reviews

Eddie Vedder Earthling Album Review
Earthling Shows Eddie Vedder's Passion for Music & Life

Vedder’s latest solo album features who’s who of guest appearances that would be newsworthy in any music era.

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Steve Gunn Other You album review
Steve Gunn's Other You is his "Most Complete Vision"

The cult artist’s new album is a quiet and sophisticated vision of reflection on what it means to be alive.

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Billy Strings Renewal Album Review
Renewal is Billy Strings' Best Effort Yet

Album tackles themes of love, regret, terror, happiness, and the general struggle of existence.

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Turnstile Glow On Album Review
GLOW ON: Don't Mistake Simplicity for Lack of Depth

Album cuts through the bullshit, offering introspective lyrics that feel very good to scream.

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Music Features

David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name 50th Anniversary
Originally Trashed by Critics, 50 Years Later, David Crosby is Still Laughing as it's one of Most Influential Albums Ever.

The 50th Anniversary release of David Crosby’s solo debut If I Could Only Remember My Name features a treasure trove of demo recordings with Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, and more from its legendary early 70s sessions at Wally Heider Studios. It’s a must listen.

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Music Photographer Michael Weintrob Instrumenthead Revealed
Music Photographer Michael Weintrob "Pays It Forward" with New Book, Instrumenthead Revealed

Nashville Music Photographer & Author Michael Weintrob is releasing Instrumenthead’s companion book, Instrumenthead Revealed. Once published, $3 of every book sale will be donated to the New Orleans Music Clinic.

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Collecting Tips

12 of the Best Vinyl Record Storage Solutions
12 of the Best Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

From cabinets, racks, wall frames, shelves or crates, explore these diverse vinyl record storage solutions.

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8 Ways To Clean Vinyl Records
How to Clean Vinyl Records: The 6 Best & Safest Ways

We’ve outlined some simple and affordable approaches on how to keep your records in tip-top shape.

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LP vs. EP Records Whats The Difference
Difference Between LP vs EP Vinyl Records

With vinyl surging in popularity, many newcomers are still trying to figure out what all the lingo means.

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Vinyl Record Gram Weight Differences
The Difference Between Vinyl Gram Weights

Does gram weight matter? Understand the benefits of pressing music on thicker, heavier vinyl records.

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